Zeo Relaunch

Soft drink brand Zeo were looking to embark on a bit of a makeover and introduce an exciting new low sugar range.

They had commissioned designer and illustrator Si Scott to create a new identity for them and went about redesigning their product. 

We were then approached by Zeo to work with them and come up with a campaign idea which we would then roll-out across various elements and platforms. 

We knew Zeo’s target audience was the health conscience consumer who wanted an alternative to diet soft drinks. These people would mainly be drinking water throughout the day and so we introduced the playful campaign to ‘cheat on water’. We wanted to encourage people to swap their glasses of water for something more refreshing and satisfying, but without any of the nasties you find in some fizzy drinks. 

The campaign included live events and outdoor advertising with UK celebrity Caroline Flack. 

As well as the advertising, we worked with the brand to produce everything from internal marketing materials to van wraps and branded apparel. 

You can see the full Behance case study here.


Art Direction
Key Art
Retail Activation


Zeo campaign
Zeo campaign by UK-based designer and illustrator Dan Bailey


Zeo campaign

Activation touchpoints included everything from out of home advertising to point of sale and convenience store launch tool kits.

Zeo campaign
Zeo campaign
Zeo campaign
Zeo campaign
We wanted to create a campaign that spoke to the consumer directly with a fun and playful tone of voice.
Zeo campaign


Zeo campaign
A selection of male and female apparel was designed, with fun and engaging characters to help support the campaign activity.
Zeo campaign