03/01/2019No Comments

New Year, new challenges

As 2019 hits us, I want to start by wishing you all a Happy New Year.

With the new year upon us, it can be seen as a time to set new goals and challenges. Personally, I try not to let time define when or how I set my targets, but like so many I can see how the beginning of a new year can signify a fresh start.

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21/11/2018No Comments

The Agency Christmas Advent Doodle Calendar

As some of you may be aware, over recent years I normally have a little side project in the run-up to Christmas, the Doodle Advent Calendar.

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06/11/2018No Comments

Being a freelance designer…

Discovering a few of your career options as a freelance graphic designer. Whether you want to be self employed, an agency designer or business owner.

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29/05/20181 Comment

Star Wars POS

Over my career, I have been very fortunate to work across some exciting brands and products. I have had the pleasure to work on campaigns for some of the biggest household names in the world, and this latest project was a key example of this.

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05/03/2018No Comments

The Agency

After spending a vast amount of my career freelancing within varying design agencies and studios, I soon realised there was a certain type of character that works within them.

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01/01/20182 Comments

Career ambitions for 2018

As 2017 departs and we embrace the new year, I head into 2018 with a desire and hunger to really push forward and develop my skill set.

After three years back in full-time work, I returned to freelance in July (2017) and spent the following months finding my feet and laying the foundations for this year.

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23/12/2017No Comments

Christmas Town

Over the last few Christmas’s it has become tradition for me to do my Doodle Advent Calendar. Every day I’d post a new doodle in the build-up to the big day.

I’ve been doing it for around 5 years now, maybe even longer, but each year I would find it that little bit harder to come up with original ideas.

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19/12/2017No Comments

Less is more

For those of you that have visited my blog before, you may have noticed it is looking a little lighter than it used to.

Over the years I have blogged sporadically, mainly about work and my creations. I used it more as a window to showcase what I had been producing, but as platforms like Instagram became larger and more accessible I began to switch my focus to these.

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23/06/2017No Comments

New Direction. Old Direction?

So today I took a leap of faith. Today I quit my job to return to the freelance world in the aim of seeking new opportunities, developing new skills and most importantly to grasp (or at least attempt to), that golden work/life balance.

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