Well, it has been a long time coming (and to be honest it was almost inevitable), though today I can finally confirm the launch of rubberpenguin.com.

People who are familiar with me and my work will probably be aware of Rubber Penguin, though for anyone who has randomly stumbled upon this site you may just be sitting there scratching your heading, wondering what on earth I am talking about.

I could say Rubber Penguin was born within an epic explosion of creative genius, taking years to develop and was then molded into what you see today. But if I said that, I would probably be lying (when I say probably, what I actually mean is definitely).

The truth is, he was simply created as a username for the social networking site Twitter, as my own name had already been registered by somebody else. I could have used some kind of variation involving my name, but I didn't want to be left with one of those ridiculous Twitter names which would be instantly forgettable and so I opted for something a little unique.

I had a few ideas initially, but I eventually decided to go with something fun and which would standout, whilst enabling me to be a little less serious. It was at that moment that Rubber Penguin was conceived. I must admit it seemed brilliant at the time, though in hindsight maybe I should have taken into account the fact that I couldn't draw penguins very well before I developed the idea further.

I have been contemplating this site for a while now, as I have wanted a space away from my personal website to showcase some of my doodles and illustrations within their own environment. I have also found my desire to spend more time on my illustration growing, as well as my desire to produce designs and illustrations which go beyond a sheet of paper. I have so many ideas for products that I would like to create and it seems like a natural choice to produce them under this name.

As well as this, I also wanted to start a little project which involved me creating a very small and brief diary based on recent events that have occurred within my life. They will be single panel doodles of an event or situation that I have found myself in. Now this won't be some glamorous or epic web comic, filled to the brim with 'on the edge of your seat' action and bundles of humour, but it is just something small I want to do which enables me share more of my art with you guys.

The illustrations aren't going to be perfect works of art, but will instead be the kind of doodles you produce when you are daydreaming or just messing around with a pen and paper.

In time I would like to take the character forward and develop both him and the site a little more. In the future months you will hopefully begin to see it expand a little and things like an online store become available on there.

I will continue to update my blog via this site and so any future developments will be announced on this site first.

Thanks for reading, now go and check out rubberpenguin.com (please) ^_^